James Hadfield-Hyde

Monday, 08 January 2018 15:01

Dawn of the Final Caliphate

New book from James Hadfield-hyde In this book, James Hadfield-Hyde clearly and concisely illustrates the innumerable problems Islam faces within itself, without overburdening the reader with scriptural arguments. The book is aimed at enlightening those outside of the faith, as to the chronology of historical facts which has led us to the problems we face today. There is an element within Islam which has openly declared war on the world; it preaches an apocalyptic and homicidal interpretation of their faith. This is an entirely new kind of warfare, and we must alter our strategy to defeat it, accordingly. Jihadism cannot be defeated merely by containment, but firstly, by the removal of political correctness. Hadfield-Hyde stresses the importance of 'knowing thine enemy' and all his reasons for being so. Many Muslims seek a modern, and more tolerant 'Reformation,' but fear for the consequences if they speak out. It is to them…
Friday, 12 September 2014 15:00

Mr Courtneys Brood

Pulse Mcr Production of ‘Mr Courtney’s Brood’ by James Hadfield-Hyde at The Three Minute Theatre, Oldham Street, Manchester, M1 1JG 10th - 14th November 2014. Pulse Mcr’s latest production is the hilarious musical comedy of modern manners and political incorrectness: ‘Mr Courtney’s Brood’ by James Hadfield-Hyde. Meet the Courtney family, a living testimony to the British values of hard work, honesty and fair play. With a fortune founded on the manufacture of weapons of mass destruction, the younger members of the Courtney family are guaranteed a bountiful inheritance, or are they?
A letter from James Hadfield-Hyde, July 31st 2014. What a deeply sad day this is! In this morning's post, I received my invitation to the very last art exhibition to be held at 'The Liverpool Academy of Arts' in Seel Street, Liverpool. L1 4BE.Shamefully, as the Trustee of the academy, I have thus-far been unable to save it from closure. The Liverpool Academy of Arts is historically the second most prestigious art academy in the country.It was founded by William Roscoe, who was the Whig MP for Liverpool in 1806. Roscoe was a philanthropist and a determined campaigner alongside Wilberforce for the abolition of slavery. In addition, he was a lawyer, an antiquarian, a poet, a botanist, an artist and a merchant banker. In 1769 he founded the Liverpool Academy of Arts, just less than one year after the founding of the Royal Academy in London. With a lack of…
Monday, 04 August 2014 12:30

Donation of 'Royal Charter Market Rights'

June 24th 2014. In an act of extreme generosity and public spiritedness, James Hadfield-Hyde has donated his 'Royal Charter Market Rights' free and without encumbrance, to Alderley Edge Parish Council. The Rights were originally granted to one of his predecessors in title, Wakelyn de Arderne, by King Henry 111 on March 22nd 1254. James made a point of signing the gift of conveyance to the Council on March 22nd of this year. Seven hundred and sixty years to the very day after it was originally granted to his predecessor, although the actual handover ceremony took place this week in Alderley Edge Festival Hall. Receiving the Charter was Councillor Frank Keegan (Cheshire East Council) and leader of the Alderley Edge Parish Council, Councillor Mike Williamson.(alderleyedge.com) (Wilmslow Express. July 3rd 2014)
Tuesday, 01 July 2014 16:06

Ambassador for Alderley

Cheshire Life magazine article Through the keyhole with the the Lord of Alderely James Hadfield-Hyde. by Caroline Renshaw