James Hadfield-Hyde

Donation of 'Royal Charter Market Rights'

June 24th 2014. In an act of extreme generosity and public spiritedness, James Hadfield-Hyde has donated his 'Royal Charter Market Rights' free and without encumbrance, to Alderley Edge Parish Council. The Rights were originally granted to one of his predecessors in title, Wakelyn de Arderne, by King Henry 111 on March 22nd 1254. James made a point of signing the gift of conveyance to the Council on March 22nd of this year. Seven hundred and sixty years to the very day after it was originally granted to his predecessor, although the actual handover ceremony took place this week in Alderley Edge Festival Hall. Receiving the Charter was Councillor Frank Keegan (Cheshire East Council) and leader of the Alderley Edge Parish Council, Councillor Mike Williamson.(alderleyedge.com) (Wilmslow Express. July 3rd 2014)

Historians believe the original market was held in the fields adjacent to St Mary's Church in Nether Alderley, but it failed due to the competition from the markets at Macclesfield and Knutsford.
"The village will benefit enormously in perpetuity thanks to James' generosity," said one Councillor.
James turned down a substantial offer for the market rights from an Asian stallholder business based in London. He believes that all the profits from running such a market should go back into the local community, and not into the pockets of people two hundred miles away. His only demand in exchange is that each Christmas the Parish Council makes a donation on behalf of the good people of Alderley Edge to The Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, where he was a Patron for so many years.