James Hadfield-Hyde


He first became politically active by campaigning for the Conservative Party alongside Anthony Barber MP in 1970. Barber was parliamentary candidate for Altrincham, and then Chancellor of the Exchequer under Prime Minister, Ted Heath. James also continued to assist Winston Churchill MP with his Davyhulme Constituency (Stretford and Urmston) campaigns.

During all the years he lived at Willaston Hall he allowed the Hall to be the focal point for all Conservative Party activities. During the 'Thatcher years' very few members of the Prime Minister's cabinet were deprived of enjoying his considerable hospitality. He continued to be an active Conservative campaigner at every election, the last one being that of David Cameron in 2010.

In December of 2012 he joined the United Kingdom Independence Party, (UKIP). He has been seen campaigning alongside Nigel Farage in a Channel 4 documentary called 'Who are you?'  It wasn't long before the gutter-press embarked upon their usual unsavoury mischief. The Mail on Sunday headlined a story, "UKIP man's main backer is Porn Star, Lord Lust". This disgraceful and shameful inaccuracy caused UKIP Barristers to immediately lodge a formal complaint to the Press Complaints Commission, only to receive a wishy-washy negative, no action response. Just when you might have thought the recent phone hacking court cases may have sparked some sense of decency into the world of journalism, think again! Nothing has changed. Never allow the truth to get in the way of a good story, they say.  Luckily the public can see through such sensational and shoddy journalism as is shown in the article comments.

James will continue to ask the Mail on Sunday for a printed apology.

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